Making Roof Replacement Neater

When roofing contractors and roof installers install a new roof or a replacement roof, it can sometimes be a messy job. If the old roof has to be torn off, the roofing professionals have to dispose of the materials. Since they are up on the roof while removing them, it isn’t easy to just go throw them in the dumpster.

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Dealing with a Mossy Roof

A roof can suffer from various types of issues. Moss is one issue that plagues some roof shingles. If your roof looks worn out or bad because there is moss growing on your roof and roof shingles, don’t jump to conclusions about needing a replacement roof. In many cases you can actually clean the moss from the roof and the

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SIPS Help LEED the Way

As we mentioned in a previous post, SIPS are a composite, prefabricated material that can be used for roofing. Roofing contractors in North Dakota recently installed SIPS on a new headquarters and visitor center (11,000 square feet in all) at the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge in Coleharbor, North Dakota. The previous building was over 50 years old and the roof

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Replacement Roofing & Real Estate

The condition of a roof plays in to the value of any property. Having a functional roof is important to the structural integrity and to the proper maintenance of a home or building. If you are considering selling your home it is wise to check the condition of your roof. In many cases your roof is probably fine, but you

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When Your Roof is Damaged

There has been a lot of wild weather lately and it is really taking a toll on a lot of people’s roofs as well as on the roofs of businesses. When severe weather strikes we are all just glad to be safe and sound, but then there are some practical issues to consider. Even if your house survives a bad

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How To Estimate the Size of Your Roof

Roofing materials are measured in squares. When you are pricing a new roof or a replacement roof it is helpful to understand how much of the roofing material you will need to purchase. Of course it isn’t practical (or very safe) for the average person to climb up on the roof with a tape measure. Luckily there is an easy

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green roof

Green Roofs

A roof is considered a green roof when it is covered, either partially or completely, with vegetation and growing media that have been planted atop an installed waterproof membrane. Green roofs have been around for hundreds of years. Their economic and environmental benefits have caused them to gain popularity in recent years. Also called “living roofs,” these unique rooftops absorb

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Solar Roof Shingles

Solar roof shingles provide your home with protection from the elements along with the ability to create energy from the sun’s rays. As cost of production falls solar roof shingles are gaining popularity throughout the United States. Solar roof shingles look very similar to “regular” shingles, however they are connected to wires which route and collect solar energy. Solar roof

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rubber shingles

Rubber Shingle Roofs & Roofing

Rubber roof systems fall into a category known as synthetic roofing materials. This type of roofing can be manufactured to approximate the look of asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, clay tiles, metal panels, slate, wood shakes and wood shingles. Rubber roof shingles, available since 1993, are considered a new roofing material. Rubber roof shingles cost a fraction of the other roof

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roofing systems

Commercial Single-Ply Roofing

Over the past thirty years commercial single-ply roofing systems have gained popularity for use on commercial buildings. These roof systems provide strong, durable, flexible roofing for low-slope roofs. This type of roof system is watertight and can be manufactured with a “cool roof” surface, a highly-reflective surface that increases the energy efficiency of the building. Building cooling costs are reduced

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