When Your Roof is Damaged

There has been a lot of wild weather lately and it is really taking a toll on a lot of people’s roofs as well as on the roofs of businesses. When severe weather strikes we are all just glad to be safe and sound, but then there are some practical issues to consider. Even if your house survives a bad storm relatively unscathed, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected. Hail, high winds, severe rains, and other types of weather can wreak havoc on your roof. Sometimes the damage might not be visible to a lay person, so having your roof inspected by a roofing installation company, staffed by qualified and experienced roofing contractors can be the best way to ensure that your roof is not damaged.

Talk to your roofing installation company about getting your roof inspected. Many companies offer a free inspection by someone experienced in roofing AND in making insurance claims. A typical consultation goes something like this:

  1. You contact a roofing company and schedule a roof inspection by one of their roofing professionals.

  2. The roofing professional will inspect your roof and point out any areas of roof damage.

  3. If there is roof damage then you will need to make an insurance claim.

  4. Your insurance company will send out an insurance adjuster to inspect the roof. Often times the roofing contractor will return to your home; this allows them to assist the insurance adjuster in spotting areas of roof damage.

  5. The ultimate determination for insurance purposes lies with the insurance adjuster. Once they determine that the roof is damaged you can schedule an appointment with the roofing contractor to discuss options for your new roof and to set up the installation of your new roof by the roofing contractor.

Since storm damage to your roof falls under the “weather related” category, most insurance companies cannot raise your premium for filing a claim. Check your insurance policy and ask your roofing contractor if you have concerns about this.