What to Roof

Obviously roofing contractors spend the majority of their time roofing houses and commercial businesses. But have you ever stopped to think of some of the other things that could have a roof installed by a roofing contractor?


If you are doing some home renovations and your space is properly configured, you may want to add a breezeway to your house. The breezeway can be very simple, it doesn’t even need side walls; it can simply be a hallway with a roof. If you make this addition before a roofing contractor comes to install your new roof then all of your roofing will coordinate and create a seamless look.


Do you have a free-standing shed? How about a gazebo or an enclosed space for your hot-tub? Well when you are hiring a roofing contractor to install roofing on your home or office, you might also want to consider adding a new roof to an outbuilding or other freestanding structure. Or, if you want to increase your chance of winning “parent-of-the-year” why not make your kid’s playhouse or treehouse really stand out from the pack by roofing it with asphalt shingles, wood shingles, or even a metal roof?