Solar Roof Shingles

Solar roof shingles provide your home with protection from the elements along with the ability to create energy from the sun’s rays. As cost of production falls solar roof shingles are gaining popularity throughout the United States. Solar roof shingles look very similar to “regular” shingles, however they are connected to wires which route and collect solar energy. Solar roof shingles are different from solar roof panels, although they use the same photovoltaic or PV technology. While some consumers choose to cover their entire roof with solar shingles, installation of a limited amount of solar shingles in areas of high sun can also be an effective way to utilize solar roofing. Solar shingles are an expensive choice for complete roof replacement, but they do allow for cost savings in terms of energy use. Tax incentives can also help to offset the cost of solar roof system installation. A solar roofing specialist can offer expertise and guidance about this unique roof system.

Solar shingles are made by fusing multiple, thin layers of amorphous silicon onto a flexible backing, such as stainless steel. Solar shingles made in this way are thin, flexible and easy to work with. They are also cheaper than solar shingles manufactured in the past.

Solar roof shingles typically last for about twenty years. They can be nailed directly onto wood and require no specialized structural supports. Solar roof shingles resist wind and are water repellant. While the solar shingles will initially be installed by a roofing contractor, expect an electrician to be on-site to facilitate necessary wiring and routing to a power box.

Solar roof shingles are powered directly by sunlight. Cold temperatures do not diminish the solar shingles’ ability to create power, however homes in colder areas require more energy for heating. Solar roof shingles work best for homes situated in areas of full sun exposure. Roofs with partial sun exposure can have success in building stores of supplemental energy as well.

A qualified roofing contractor can offer tips and guidance specific to your home and energy needs.