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Commercial Single-Ply Roofing

Over the past thirty years commercial single-ply roofing systems have gained popularity for use on commercial buildings. These roof systems provide strong, durable, flexible roofing for low-slope roofs. This type of roof system is watertight and can be manufactured with a “cool roof” surface, a highly-reflective surface that increases the energy efficiency of the building. Building cooling costs are reduced because cool roof systems reflect sunlight.

Commercial single-ply roofing systems are available in a variety of colors and styles and offer a practical, low-maintenance roofing option. Single-ply roof systems consist of membranes made of strong, flexible sheets of synthetic materials. The sheets are pre-fabricated and manufactured according to strict quality control measures. Single-ply sheets can be produced by calendaring, extruding or spread coating. Some membranes contain reinforcement layers made of polyester fabrics, glass fiber, or felt or fleece backing.

Single-ply roof systems can be categorized as thermoplastic membranes, which can be repeatedly softened when heated and hardened when cooled, and thermoset membranes which “set” after heating and remain solid permanently.

Single-ply roof systems are affordable, resistant to wind, and have a Class A fire rating.

Low-slope roof membranes typically have three key components, although with some roof membranes a component may perform multiple functions. Weatherproofing layers prevent water from entering a roof assembly. Reinforcement layers add strength, and provide resistance to puncturing. Surfacing is the component that protects the reinforcement and weatherproofing layers from weather and sun. This component can also provide added fire resistance and energy efficient properties.

Commercial single-ply roofing can be installed using a range of application methods depending on roof slope and building logistics. It is not uncommon for a combination of attachment methods to be used in various areas of the building. A roofing contractor can provide expert advice about this exceptional roofing option for low-slope roofs.

Commercial single-ply roof systems come with warranties against manufacturing defects. These warranties typically cover failure specific to the roof product, and exclude issues arising from improper installation as well as climatic and environmental factors. It is very important to fully understand the provided warranty as well as to have clear knowledge of situations which may void the warranty. Your roofing contractor should provide you with detailed warranty information pertaining to the specific commercial single-ply roofing product you select, as well as warranties offered by the contractor to cover roof installation.